A negative past may
appear on the body
as aches,pains,stress
and sometimes FAT!


Logically you know
you should change
but, just can't seem
break old habits.


The spiritual connection
is often the missing piece
to bring about change,
making success easier.


  • Are you struggling with food cravings and urges?
  • Do you have several sizes hanging in your closet?
  • Are you hiding out from people, places and social functions, because you are embarrassed about excessive weight gain?

I am here to help you realize your ideal life. My name is Rose Black, The Food Freedom Expert

I Help women stop the mind chatter about their bodies, who want to know what to eat, when to eat and how to eat, who want to wear everything in their closet, not just the ones that fit right now.

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If you are SICK & TIRED of

  • Out of control eating?
  • Nothing to wear?
  • The weight gain of 10, 20 or 30 lbs or more?

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And Stop EMOTIONAL OVER-EATING in it’s tracks!


I am here to help!  Rose Black, The Food Freedom Expert and owner of Winning Changes