What's Eating You?
Emotional weight can show
up on your body in
physical form.


You already know what
to do to lose weight, but
can't seem to stick long
enough to get results


Ongoing Support is KEY
in order to have the
consistent and constant
focus toward your ideal

STOP Food from Running YOU!

Hello, My name is Rose Black, THE FOOD FREEDOM EXPERT!

  • Do you suffer from Food Cravings that end up sabotaging your weight loss efforts?
  • Do you have several sizes hanging in your closet?
  • Would you like some real solutions so that you never have to diet again?

What is behind the food cravings and urges that are causing you to blow your diet by lunchtime?

How different could your life be, if you could stop those urges and cravings in their tracks?

Above, is my old size 16 skirt, I wore to church every single Sunday, because it was the only thing left in my closet, that fit!

Today, I am a size 6.  It wasn’t my fault that I found myself helpless when sweets or desserts appeared!

AND it’s not your fault either!


Are you concerned about the upcoming  holiday food fest ruin your festivities?

My obsession usually begins way before the holiday.  I remember how I used to ATTEMPT to control my eating, so I could INDULGE at the holiday party.  Only, I would end up sabotaging every effort and soon I was eating before the party, then trying to eat “daintily” at the party, then coming home after and binging because I felt so out of control!

Would you like to break through from the food struggle?


  • Out of control eating?
  • Nothing fits in your closet?
  • The weight gain of 10, 20 or 30 lbs or more?

If this is you, then we need to talk right away!

Break through with a Food Freedom Session NOW!

I hope I get to talk with you soon!


Rose Black,

Weight Loss Expert & Coach

Owner of Winning Changes



Rose Black,

The Food Freedom Expert