Barriers that Stop You from Losing Weight

How different could life be if only…?
Lets talk about the benefits of losing weight the easy way by knocking out 1 barrier at a time.

Barrier #1

What is the number 1 thing that stops you from permanent weight loss?

If you were able to knock out just that ONE little thing that is in your way of losing weight for good, would that be so cool or what?

Say for instance your #1 thing that stops you is that you are a sugar addict.  This can become a HUGE PROBLEM as your eating plan can be sabotaged at any moment just by succumbing to your alter personality, the sugar addict. The next time you give into the sugar,  you could undo several days or weeks of healthy eating and the weight comes back faster than it took to lose it.  Unless you are able to stop the sugar addict for good, your future weight loss will be difficult and maybe impossible.  

The great news is that losing weight is easy when we make just a few tweaks.  Knock out the biggest barriers first and the remaining obstacles can fall away like dominos.


Barrier #2

Another barrier to losing weight is our mindset.  So many people wonder how they can be so excited about embarking on their new weight loss plan, only to sabotage themselves in the end. They wonder how sticking to their weight loss efforts can be so difficult.

This is really not their fault.  The diet clubs and groups out their would have you believe that their way is the ONLY WAY!   Eat this and you can be thin! They blame it on the type of food, your blood type, or eat like this or that.  Some say eat 5 mini meals a day or fast on Sundays.   (They might fail to mention it can’t last unless you stick to those rigid rules forever)! Eat like this and you will never have a weight problem again they say!


The truth is that there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL KIND OF PLAN.   There is ALWAYS something that can stand in the way of any weight loss goals.

For instance, a naturally slim person can visit a doctor, and the doctor says to them, “You must lose weight”.  The naturally thin person then goes out to get that food plan that will work for them to lose weight.  They treat food as food and are able to stick to a food plan easily.


It’s all about the meaning of the food!

The naturally thin think of food as fuel for their body, only.  They eat to live and not live to eat.

When we give emotional attachments to the food, It would be like you and me going to fill up our gas tank and rather than use the recommended unleaded gas for our car, we decide we like diesel better.  In no time, we will destroy our car!  Yet, that is what we do to our body when we stuff it full of sugar and junk.  We will destroy our body in no time!

Ok, so what do I do? I want to lose the weight for good!

Often times we have many reasons why we over eat.  Each time we try, it just seems to get more difficult it seems.  The best way is to address all 3 sides of the weight loss triangle:  The physical, the emotional and the spiritual.  When these are all in balance and the barriers can be easily lifted once and for all. Achieving your natural and healthy relationship to the food and the body can happen for anyone.

What is your NUMBER 1 BARRIER to permanent and lasting weight loss?

If it is sugar, then JOIN ME!

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