Sugar Free

Hello, My name is Rose Black and I am a SUGAR ADDICT!

Today I am free from that ball & chain of SUGAR.

I remember once going through the check out line at my small town supermarket.  The young man bagging my groceries as he loaded one by one, yet another sweet concoction, said very loudly with a laugh, “I have never seen anyone buy so much sugar! You have the biggest sweet tooth I ever saw”!

How humiliating and embarrassing.  But, I thought to myself.  “It’s True!” I am a Sugar Freak.

Luckily, I wasn’t extremely huge at the time.  But, my weight fluctuated up and down about 30 lbs all the time.  One day, I would be rather slim, the next week I could be an entire size heavier.

In those days, I kept it in check by diets.  As long as I was on a diet, I was free from sugar, the minute I went off, it was a “SUGAR FREE- FOR ALL”.

I have discovered ways to become SUGAR FREE without dieting any more.

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