The Key to Motivation, Anytime! The Answer May Surprise You!


What does it take to get you motivated?
What is it costing you, if you don’t get motivated to do what you want or need?

Has everything you tried in the past to motivate you, failed in the end?
Does it just seem more and more difficult for you to get up and get going?
Do you call yourself lazy?
You are not alone! Until you have this key to true motivation, your efforts may fail you.

I recently discovered an unusual concept. This is the ability to utilize the EGO for motivation.

EGO 101: The EGO likes praise, recognition, community, social connection and success. This is what drives any one of us to greatness. What do you think motivates the actors in Hollywood? The great business minds? The Olympian? Most are driven by something deep inside themselves. Their own unique story that makes what they do, turn into a MUST! They have an underlying need to push themselves to something greater. This MUST is what makes the Olympian train every single day, several hours per day, and never letting up. Not even on holidays! They have the KEY to MOTIVATION. It is their EGO! The difference for them, is that they utilize and accept their Ego as a good thing and assisting them in their efforts.

Many of us have believed the EGO is a bad thing. We say we don’t want to be conceited or self absorbed. However, it is the EGO that holds the key to our answers and motivation!

You might say, I know people who are egotistical or arrogant. I will never be like them! I am telling you that you don’t have to be like them, but what if you could become a great friend and partner to your ego, instead? Your ego is a huge asset for you. Getting to know it and accept it, is the best thing you could for yourself.

Getting to know your ego:
What if you could ask ‘power questions’ to your ego and find out what it wants. POWER QUESTIONS SUCH AS: What drives you? Am I looking for friendships, relationships, money, health or something else? Then ask WHY? The why is important but not necessary.


One you have your ego’s answers to the questions, you will be motivated like the Olympian! Imagine that you would have the motivation to go out and train no matter what the obstacles, the weather or the day it is. You would become laser focused! Your ego’s needs may be big or small. Today it may be that you wish you could have a cleaner house so that you could impress the company that is coming.

Or maybe you want to wash your car so it looks good driving you down the street. Or maybe it is a big thing, like changing the world so you can be the difference.

Simple questions to your ego will fuel your motivation automatically for unbelievable success!

Stroke your ego. Embrace your ego and most of all LOVE YOUR EGO. Soon you will have instant motivation whenever you wish. Most of all, you will be motivated to get what you want!

Let me know how this works for you! I appreciate your comments.

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Here’s to your Success!

Rose Black, Personal Success Coach

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