I was 60 lbs overweight, and I believed I should be Twiggy, Thin!

In the early 70’s our role models, were Twiggy and Mary Tyler Moore, “Who could turn the world on with her smile.”

They were going somewhere! Off to a Bright & Beautiful Future!

Who wouldn’t want to be them?  They were every teenage, girls’ ideal!

They depicted everything I wanted, and depicted everything I wasn’t!



I struggled with weight my entire life. Mini skirts did not look good on me.   I was sick and tired of the weight thing. The constant dieting, the constant mind chatter about what I was eating and how it was looking on my body. Dieting became my constant companion. If only I were thin, like them, then maybe I would be ok!


One day, I had enough!  I was crying in front of the mirror, wondering how I had let myself get so fat again!  How did this happen, I wondered?

Why couldn’t I get a hold of the weight part?

That is what it took for me I guess!  To FLIP OUT, so I COULD FLIP IT AROUND!  And that is Exactly what I did!

Is that WEIGHT-THING, a struggle for you, too?

I have helped countless people achieve and conquer their weight loss struggles. Whether it is to stop food cravings, emotional eating or change their perception about themselves and begin loving themselves again, I can help.

Here are some things, that many of my clients say:

“I am a BIG, FAT, LOSER, I LOST 90 LBS!” or “I do not want dessert, anymore after dinner!”  I lost 25 lbs!, or “Rose, What did you do to me?  I haven’t stopped for a mocha in months!”

You may be like many of my clients who have found success with their weight:

Louise R., Spokane, WA,  Lost over 40 lbs last summer.
Carolyn Tipler, Davenport, WA. Lost 40 lbs.
Tina Hanson, Spokane, WA Lost 25 lbs
Gina W, Spokane lost 50 lbs.

The list goes on and on!  Will you be one of them?

Here is a picture I took at a time when I was at my very rock bottom.  I remember it well.  I was getting ready to go out of town for the weekend, and I truly had nothing to wear!   I began trying on clothes.  NOTHING FIT!  I was crying, I was sad, I was humiliated!  The only thing I could find to cover me was an over-sized t-shirt and sweat pants.  I couldn’t believe how fat I had gotten!

Rose Black, Coach


So.. What happened next was really great thing!

I had enough of the FAT!  I went to work on LOSING THAT WEIGHT, again!  I did it once, I knew I could do it again!

Applying everything I had learned over the decades of struggle, was beginning to pay off.

The weight began coming off slowly, but surely.

There was finally some light at the end of the TUNNEL!

It took some time, diligence, and, YES, even discipline. It was worth it!

I know that I am not alone.  I hear your voices screaming for help from the struggle, too.

I am here to help.  So Please,  Read on….


Here is what I did!

I compiled 30 days of my very best ideas that can help anyone to FIND PERMANENT RELIEF from the weight thing.

Full of many tips, tricks and ideas that I continue to use on a daily basis.


Introducing my “Lose a Size in 30 Days” complete Weight Loss Program  

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So that you can…

  • Stop hiding from the camera
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  • Get up easily from the floor after playing with the kids
  • Receive useful tools that work for eliminating food cravings on the spot.
  • Learn to Love yourself
  • Learn ways to Stop the MIND CHATTER about the FOOD and Your Body
  • Gaining confidence as the weight goes down
  • Wear all the clothes in your closet, instead of just the ones that fit right now!

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