5 Ways to Get More Joy Today

Did you read the news today?   Did you think about what is wrong with the world? Your spouse or partner? Your kids? Your in-laws? Do you worry about paying the bills? The messy house? The over-grown lawn? Your future? Your past?

All these things we think about all day long, have the POWER to put us on the path to joy or despair.

Did you know that NEGATIVE THINKING is an addiction? Bad news travels faster than good news. That is why watching the news can set you up quickly for a horrible, disastrous day of worry and unrest!

The media is doing their job very well! They have the ability to sensationalize and “Fan the Flames” of any story to build it up to what ever degree of heat of they like.

If it is negative and bad news, day moment is doomed to find any joy or happiness!

Whatever we FOCUS on EXPANDS! Focus on negativity, brings more situations, people and things that are just that! NEGATIVE!

For instance, if you focus on what is wrong with your spouse, that is ALL YOU WILL NOTICE!

Instead, try listing 5 things you like about your spouse. Notice how quickly your focus shifts! We can only FOCUS on one thing at a time. You might think, “Well, I can certainly do more than one thing at a time.” And this is true! But can you actually FOCUS on more than one thing? Probably not. So the simple trick of shifting our focus can be just enough to get us out of a negative thought.

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, and it sparks extraordinary results.” ~ Wade Boggs

If that quote is true, then the opposite might be true as well…

“A NEGATIVE attitude causes a chain reaction of NEGATIVE thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, and it sparks CATASTROPHIC results.” 

Today is a dawning of a new day.  No one can stay a 100% positive a 100% of the time, right? But, it might be possible to get close.

My Story

It was September 11, 2001. 911

I knew that A POSITIVE ATTITUDE WAS THE KEY TO SUCCESS and if I could stop watching or reading the news, avoiding negative people, places and things; it was possible to get really close to 100% positive.

I had been practicing this very well! I was living a great life. I felt happy and joyous and free most days!

I had awaken that morning of 2001, in my cozy apartment. It was just another day.  I had been on a “POSITIVE THINKING MISSION” for awhile now. I did not turn on the news or the tv. I did not check my email. Or my phone (though it was a simply flip phone and not much to check). But so far, this morning was no different than any other morning. I was having a great, positive morning. I was oblivious to the knowledge of the Towers that had been hit.

If it is important for us to know, the news will find us, I soon found out! However, I wish I had never had known about this disastrous event. Because, the simple truth was, I could not do a darn thing about it! The news of that horrible day, \only caused me to feel hopeless, depressed and afraid.

So here I am, getting ready for work as usual. Nothing new for me that day, so far, I was in total oblivion to all that was happening in New York City.  The day was a beautiful sunny day.  I was happy, content and all was well.

I am a naturally smiley kind of person.  As, I was driving to work, I felt as if something were amiss.  People would not smile back. The drivers all had somber faces.  I stopped quickly, at the 7-11. Again, I noticed that sad look on everyone’s faces. It felt very strange. But, still no clue the world was about to stop for me as well.  

I got to work. My boss was silent as I walked past him. He was sweeping the outside walk area.  I said, hello  and smiled and he said hello, but did not smile. I remember thinking to myself, “How strange, everything seemed.”  I walked inside. Very unusual was… a little black and white portable television was sitting front and center on the counter for all to see. It suddenly began to dawn on me.  It began to get very  real. I stood there, horrified, puzzled and stunned at what I was witnessing.   The first tower had been hit. Suddenly, we saw the 2nd tower getting hit.   Tears sting my eyes right now, as I am recalling that horrible day. The fear, the worry and the hopeless feeling set in.

No one was speaking.  What was there to say?  No one had any ideas or answers to share.  We all stood silent in disbelief, watching and waiting for the next morsel of any news!

What a day.  One moment being happy and content.  The next moment, having your world ripped right from under you!

9/11 changed me! The NEWS WON!  It had me hooked! I could not pull myself away for anything. I was a 100% totally in! 

There will always be BAD NEWS.  Like the day when I learned my little brother, had been killed.  Or the day, my dad died.

Life deals us blows. We can do some things today at least, so as not to go LOOKING FOR MORE BAD! There will be plenty without us seeking for it.

What can you do today to enjoy a happy, and joyous day?

Here are 5 of my favorite tips I use to bring in more positivity to each day:

  1. Avoid reading or watching the news! If it is important, it will find you!
  2. Avoid negative people, places and things.
  3. Focus on good things that make you feel good! Make a list of your happy moments or things that bring you joy so that when a negative thought comes in, you can quickly change it to a positive.
  4. Pull yourself into the PRESENT MOMENT! It is impossible to think about the past or future when you are focused on the present, AS LONG AS IT IS A GOOD PRESENT MOMENT! I have found that it is impossible to have a negative emotion while in the good present moment. Notice the sunshine, the way you are breathing, what you are doing in that moment. Staying Present is truly a GIFT – and, that is why they call it the PRESENT, right?
  5. Positive Affirmations! My favorite is when I am in the shower, I hold up my hands to the universe and SHOUT OUT-LOUD… “SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS HAPPENING TO ME TODAY”! I expect it and wait for it, and at the end of the day, I like to record all the WONDERFUL THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO ME THAT DAY! You can also shout out positive affirmations all day long in your mind or out-loud. Say thinks like these: “I am so happy and grateful today that all is well in my world”.

Here’s to your happiness and joy today and everyday! Have a blessed day!

Rose Black,

Personal Success Coach