There was a time when I couldn’t stop smoking, eating, and was a single mom working in a dead-end job.

Then I found out there were people out there who could help people like me and soon the MAGIC HAPPENED!

If you could start over today, what would you change?

Slowly, but surely, the changes happened! I reclaimed my power that once had been forgotten!
  • I stopped smoking
  • I called in quit to my dead-end job
  • I freed myself from the sugar prison
  • I met and married the man I manifested on paper 
  • Learned techniques to heal the body and the mind
  • Taught others how my “Magic Basket” technique could locate missing items, create quick manifestations and more!

And the list goes on and continues to transform myself and others into amazing possibilities!

Rose Black,


The Freedom Expert

Owner of

Winning Changes


Next Steps…

If you could start over today, what would you change?

You may be saying things like these former clients:


Tina, Spokane - Lost 25 lbs after just 1 quick session for a sample of "Tapping on a Chocolate Craving". Her desire for Sweets Vanished

Bruce - Wisconsin - I am a "Big, Fat, Loser"!  I have lost 90 lbs!

Josey - Spokane - I didn't know I had a choice to be happy instead of depressed.

Kirby - Spokane - I am Rock Star!   Nothing stands in my way, now!

Bill - Spokane - Chronic Back Pain - GONE since 2006! No more chiropractors, pain pills or muscle relaxers!

Ginny - Spokane - Thank you Rose for showing me how to cut the BS beliefs I used to have. Life is so much better now!

And, the list of satisfied clients, goes on and on……

Would you like personalized help?  I am here to help!  Let’s Talk! It’s Free!