There was a time when I was scared, insecure and in constant worry over the future….

I was working in a plywood mill at the time, in 1995, when I got the news that we had to take a wage cut and the future of the mill was uncertain.  I had 2 teenage sons at the time. I was divorced and scared to death! I remember telling a co-worker, “What will happen to us?”  He said, “We will survive.”  Survive!  I wanted more than just survive!  That was the beginning of my drastic change that allowed my to call in QUIT to that dead-end job and pursue my new life I began creating, BY DESIGN!

It is amazing to me that when a door closes, there is always a HUGE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY that awaits.

What is it that you need to begin your life right now?  You don’t have to wait for a crisis to make that change.  You can talk to Rose and discover together what is possible for you.

My changes in a very short time:

  • Stopped Smoking
  • Stopped Over-Eating
  • Called in QUIT to my dead-end job as I was earning too much money on the side venture to afford to go to work anymore
  • Met and married the man I manifested (more about how I did this later)
  • Became Educated and Certified as Coach, EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques, NLP and more – SO MUCH MORE
  • Became a grandmother and have the most fulfilling relationships with friends and family

Whatever your obstacles, I have probably had them too. I help clients through my special blend of tools, techniques, trainings and education to bring about their desired changes easily and effectively.

Here are some of my client testimonials…

  • Tina, Spokane – Lost 25 lbs after just 1 quick session for a sample of “Tapping on a Chocolate Craving”. Her desire for Sweets Vanished
  • Bruce – Wisconsin – I am a “Big, Fat, Loser”!  I have lost 90 lbs!
  • Josey – Spokane – I didn’t know I had a choice to be happy instead of depressed.
  • Kirby – Spokane – I am Rock Star!   Nothing stands in my way, now!
  • Bill – Spokane – Chronic Back Pain – GONE since 2006! No more chiropractors, pain pills or muscle relaxers!
  • Ginny – Spokane – Thank you Rose for showing me how to cut the BS beliefs I used to have. Life is so much better now!

And, the list of satisfied clients, goes on and on……

Let’s talk, It is free to hop on the phone and discuss your potential with you.