• What Do You Want?


Really!  What is that you want?  What do you truly, want, desire and wish for?

Many people have no idea, when I ask them this question.  They have to think about it.

What we focus on expands!  A gal I was speaking to the other day, was constantly saying how broke and hopeless life was for her.  She said “I am broke” 5 times in just 1 hour of conversation.  Because she affirms and believes that to be true, she will always be broke!  My heart went out to her.  If only she knew how powerful her words were!  I tried to turn it around for her, but it was futile!  Because she was so caught up in her story, she could see no way out.  She argued with me when I mentioned that she had she stated 5 times in 30 minutes, “I am Broke”.  She argued, that she knew all that stuff and that she was fine the way she was.  Holding on to a belief is sometimes more important than changing it.

There was a time, when I worked at a dead-end job.  I had 2 young sons and it life was challenging.  Then I found out there were people out there who could help people like me.  I turned my life around.  Within a year, I was making a 6 figure income.  I called in QUIT one morning to that dead-end job.  It was the most exciting day of my life.  Since then I have studied and learned manifestation techniques that are mind blowing!

Like the Magic Basket Technique I discovered. It began with me one day, when I could not find a missing earring.  I put the earring in the Imaginary Magic Basket, and the idea came to me instantly of the location.  I went to my office and looked on the floor by my chair and there it was!  Another client, over a period of months, was able to find a diamond pendant, tennis bracelet and another piece of jewelry. She was sure it went to Good Will years earlier when they were remodeling their house.  It took several months but eventually all were located.  The final was the diamond pendant that was part of her original wedding set, took the longest to find.  I will never forget the day she came to my office with tears in her eyes WEARING THAT DIAMOND PENDANT!  Many clients have since located lost jewelry, cameras, lost cassette tapes, important paper work, and they are amazed every single time that it works.  We have manifested clients and money for a few clients as well.


What do you want?  Let’s talk!  It’s FREE!