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Hello There!

I help Clients Fulfill their Life Dreams.

And guess what?  Did you know you can be as RICH as you want to be, right now?

Rich is nothing, really but a feeling. Rich is a feeling that feels different in everyone.

So this is not about a fly-by-night “Get Rich Scheme” or “How you can make a million dollars in 30 days.” 

But how you can feel SUPER-RICH RIGHT NOW!  

Go ahead and do it right now!  Ask yourself what does rich mean to you.  Then sink into to it, feel it.  Ask yourself, “What does it look like to be rich?”  Imagine a dollar amount in your bank account. Feel that feeling as you SEE ALL THE ZERO’S BEHIND THE NUMBER.

Just like I said.  Rich is simply a feeling.  A feeling that you can access right now and every time you wish.   So you think, so you are!  Watch as you become a match to that feeling.

My name is Rose Black, and I have been an entrepreneur since 1979!

I guess you could say I am a GRANDPRENEUR!

Because, after all, I am a grandmother! I have spent decades learning the ropes around business ownership, entrepreneurship and self-development.

I am also a mom, and a wife to my wonderful husband Bill.  

Not only do I own my coaching business, Winning Changes, but I subscribe to multiple streams of income. 

My passion is helping others become successful in business and in life.

A few months ago, I decided to add another product to my business. It just so happened to be an MLM.  This brought back all kinds of memories.  Mostly, what it took to build a network marketing business in the old days. 

“You may not know this about me, but in the 90’s, I was a star in a network marketing company. At the time, I was a divorced mom of 2 boys, working in a plywood mill.  I built a 6 figure income in a very short time.  It was an amazing time!  I was able to get out of the mill and my boys and I enjoyed a lifestyle beyond our wildest dreams.” 

"Once the mind expands, it can never go back to it's original position!"  Paul Orbison, MLM Leader


I looked at that MLM Company I was assessing.  I read their marketing plan, And when I looked at their training manual, I realized NOTHING MUCH HAD CHANGED in over 20 years!  The first they tell you to do is to make a list of everyone you know!  They give you a memory jogger to think of everyone you have come across in your lifetime!  Beginning with your family, then friends, acquaintances, etc.

Making a list of all my friends, family and EVERYONE I KNOW and spending endless hours on the phone trying to get them to “Take a Look”; made me ill to think about it!

Though, that is the way we did it in the old days!  I had no problem then, but now it just seems rude and not who I am!

With today’s technology and the internet, why not have those people who want to know what I have to COME TO ME! 

Over the past several months, I have been cramming & a jamming.  Learning everything I can about online marketing.  I have been spending a lot of money with trainings, products and coaches to learn fast and furiously how this grandma can get up to speed in the world of online marketing. 

Becoming an expert at online marketing is a new passion for me.  I can’t wait to meet you and see how I help you to your way to success no matter what business or challenge you may have.  

How Can I Best Help You?

  • Business Goals, like growing your Network Marketing Business Online or any product or business for that matter?
  •  Become the best Version of You (lose weight, let go of addictions and habits, change limiting beliefs)
  • Over-coming obstacles and blocks that have you kept you stuck?
  • Using your passion and purpose in life to help you move toward your goals?

There has never been a better time for entrepreneurs than today.

Some of my programs to help you manifest your dreams are available right now.  

Like the…

The Magic Basket Technique to find lost objects 

The Manifest Your Mate Exercise – Which I used on my own husband. I often joke with him how “I created him”.  

The Create Your Ideal Life Program

Let’s talk and see how I can help you.

I have helped not only my own self, manifest my ideal life, but I especially enjoy helping others manifest their IDEAL LIFE !  That is the BEST!!

What do you want?  Let’s talk!  It’s FREE!