Quick Tap Session

TAPPING is the main tool in the “WINNING CHANGES” hand bag!  Whatever the issue, A Quick Tap Session, can instantly change an issue. Just 30 mins over the phone it all it takes for your instant change!

TAPPING SESSIONS are generally $350 per hour.  The results are quick and best of all they work! Forever! Permanently! If delivered by a Professional EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner.

Get a Convenient Quick Tap Session for Just $150!

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Freedom Program

Get free from everything that bugs you!

You get an entire program where we go from start to finish!

This is equivalent to Intensive Program that many professionals offer.  But instead of a Saturday 8 hour session, you get me for 3 – 6 months!  Finish slow or fast!  It is up to you

We will knock out every single block that has been stopping you from getting YOUR IDEAL LIFE!

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Food Freedom Program

Learn how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat, so that you can wear ALL THE CLOTHES IN YOUR CLOSET, instead of just what fits, right now!

Work me over the next 6-12 months as we get rid of the excess baggage that has kept the weight on in the first place.

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Creating the New Habits of Healthy Eating Can Be the New Norm for You!

With tools like Tapping and NLP, Rose Black, Owner of Winning Changes, can permanently reprogram your old connections to harmful foods that have kept you stuck in the food.

Take Power over Your Life

Sometimes we give away our power in our life. It may be the “People Pleasing” or the “Low Self-Esteem” where we believe our voice is not as important as other people’s.  Stop being a door mat for everyone else’s whims and become the SUPER STAR OF YOUR OWN LIFE!  TODAY!

Like Kirby who after working with me, says,”Rose you are amazing!”  I feel like a “Rock Star” of my own life.

What do you do next?


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