The #1 Key Ingredient Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Have

Otherwise, FAILURE will be a certainty!

A Story

About how I was able to create a 6 figure income in just a few months. Looking back at what the secret ingredient was to my success became apparent. I continue to apply this Amazing Ingredient today!

It was the 90’s, and I was a divorced mother of 2 boys. Living in a small town all of my life, I was not a risk taker. I had a small town mindset and very little confidence.

I worked in a dead-end job at a plywood mill. The wages were once great and many people chose to work there for the good income and benefits. Which was enough until the mill took a turn for the worst, our jobs were on the line, and there were forced wage cuts.

I was looking for a way out. But, what was there for someone like me, I thought.

Until the day came my sis called and exclaimed she had won a $10,000.00 scratch ticket!

We both worked at the mill and she says, “Let’s call in sick the next day and drive to where we could cash in her ticket. She said she would give me $500. That was a lot of money back then!

In that moment, I began to dream. The mill that was once a great income for us, high wages, free health insurance, no co-pays! But, that was about to come to an end. Due to environmental regulations, and big government, we were on the brink of closure. We had no choice but to take serious cuts to our wages and benefits, in order to keep our “CRAPPY JOB”.

My mind was filled with hours of day-dreaming what it would be like to have enough money so I would not ever need to return to that smoke filled, dusty old mill again! I envisioned continually what it would be like to have enough money to do the things I loved. Most of all to stop the nagging fear and dread for the future and instead feel hopeful about what was possible. Most importantly, to provide a life full of promise for my two sons. 

Then an amazing thing happened when my high school friend called from California. Turns out she recently got involved with a network marketing. The funny thing was she didn’t tell me much about it at all before I was asking her if I could join! I was the easiest representative to sign up ever! I recognized an opportunity from the get-go and though I knew nothing about network marketing, I smelled money and my ticket out of the life I hated. 

The next few months were a blur.

I believed with all my heart and soul that this was my lifeline and that the possibilities were endless.

I had what was that NUMBER 1 INGREDIENT FOR SUCCESS! Though I did not know it at the time. I began telling everyone I knew about the company, the product and the possibility that they too, could have a better life.

And when I got rejected, I totally believed that something were wrong with them if they did not see this! In fact, haha, I felt only sorrow for them who didn’t see this! “They did not know what they were missing”, I would think to myself.

I held business meetings in my tiny living room. Before I knew it, people were asking me to join! In a small town, news travels fast. I was informed of the gal who worked at our small town post-office who would hold up my checks to the light and see the amount.  She could not help herself but say out loud what my checks were.  One check was over $12,000! Because of her announcement, people were asking me to tell them about this opportunity, too!

This was before the internet. All we had was “word of mouth” advertising really. Today, we have it so good! We have the internet.  Back then in the 1990’s there was no such thing as ONLINE DIGITAL MARKETING. My PASSION was contagious. It spread to this person who spread it to that person. Just imagine today what you could do with your PASSION when you spread it online.

The day I called in “QUIT” to that DEAD-END – JOB was the best day in my life. I became a legend in our town so people have said. I was asked to speak at company meetings all over the country. And on stage at our annual convention, to an audience of over 4,000!

What did I have that others didn’t? You have probably guessed it by now. It was my PASSION!

It was my PASSION that over-rode all my fails – Like NO experience, No poise, No confidence, Little smarts, No money, No popularity, No charisma, or much of anything a great business woman would need. I had a 12th grade education. I was nice person and that was about all the talent I had!

The only talent required, I discovered much later in life. That was PASSION!

PASSION led me to recognize an opportunity when it came my way. PASSION made me feel unstoppable. It gave me drive, enthusiasm, unshakeable faith and everything a successful entrepreneur NEEDS AND MUST HAVE!

My PASSION created drive and enthusiasm which became transferable to others. It was contagious.  As I believed to be true, so did others. I was able to convey that. No one wanted change more than I. There were bosses and supervisors who had come into the business venture before I did. They were not as successful as I for they lacked what I had. Which was PASSION! PASSION and a Burning Desire for a change in my life. As a result, I was able to attract a huge following of people who were not only interested but buying but wanting to be on my team!

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” – Michael Hyatt, virtual business mentor.

Question: Can a person CREATE PASSION if they do not have it yet?

The answer is YES YOU SURE CAN!

PASSION stems from your “WHY”. 

When your WHY is strong enough, your passion will be as well. You must have a REALLY STRONG DESIRE for getting the word out about your product and what it will provide for you.

If you are comfortable where you are at, chances are YOUR WHY is not strong enough to carry you through the problems and rejection that always come with success. As is why the bosses and supervisors at the mill could not make this work as well as I did. They were more smart, better looking in some instances, already had a following, had charisma, yet they could not make this happen for them. Unless the WHY is big enough, PASSION will not happen and it will be too easy to give up and quit!

“WHY” questions to ask yourself:

  1. Why do you want to share your products or services with others.
  2. Why do you want to do this business venture? 
  3. What can your product or service do for the customer who would buy?
  4. What are the benefits you will receive from promoting your product or service?
  5. In what ways will your life change for the better if your business was a success?

Once your WHY is big enough, PASSION is an automatic given.

PASSION also brings with it a host of other GREAT SUCCESS ATTRIBUTES, for business success, such as…


Focus will free you from distraction and keep you on task, with your eye on the prize.

This will keep you, keeping on, when the going gets tough. And, it will get tough! It is easy to tear your focus away when it gets tough, but if your passion is strong enough, your focus will be as well. 

Burning Desire

When you have a burning desire, nothing will stand in the way! Your passion must be strong enough to create a BURNING DESIRE. 


Enthusiasm is contagious! People feel it! They want hope and happiness. They want what you have. People are looking for a leader. Someone to lead and direct them to something better. When they catch your enthusiasm, they will naturally want to follow you. 

Unshakeable Faith 

The opposite of FEAR is FAITH. When you have an UNSHAKEABLE FAITH in your product or service, ANY FEAR WILL VANISH. 


Passion will keep you determined to stay on task. 


Staying on task is good, but having the drive to keep on, keeping on; is crucial. 

Take a look at all the great leaders or sales people you know. They all had obstacles, problems and failures along the way to success. They had all the attributes above in order to be a success, sometimes with surmounting odds against them.

One who comes to mind, is the MY PILLOW Guy, Mike Lindell. I thought he would be doomed when the news came out that his pillows were made from chunked up, regular, foam rubber and that was all. People were mad! They claimed it was a scam and not worth the incredible price he was charging for his pillows.

 I honestly thought he would be out of business soon, along with his annoying tv ads. I never could see what all the buzz and hype were for his pillows. But, Mike Lindell, sure did! He had enough PASSION that he proved every one wrong!

Soon, I began seeing his ads everywhere! He was determined to prove that his pillows were still the best. He listened not to the naysayers but vamped up his advertising.

He added more products! Nothing slowed him down! He seemed to be everywhere I looked. His pillows were front and center on online ads, tv, department stores, like Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

His PASSION reminded me of when I would not take no for an answer! If someone objected to my message about my business; I would look at them like they were the CRAZY ONES to not see this! I felt sorry for them that they would be missing out!

Mike Lindels Passion made him a huge success! He claimed his pillows were the best no matter what others said! 

At last look, Mike Lindell employs over 1500 people and has added other great products to his line. He is in my opinion the example of how far PASSION can carry a person. 

For you my friends, today is possible for your PASSION to carry you anywhere. In the 1990’s there was no such thing as ONLINE DIGITAL MARKETING. Word of Mouth Advertising was all we had.

If you would like to have a method to get seen online everywhere and use your PASSION to fuel your product and get seen online then you may want to register for this Complimentary Webinar

Add a little PASSION for your product and service and the sky’s the limit!

Here’s to your incredible success!