There was a time when I couldn’t stop eating!

If only I knew then what I know now, I could have had a wonderful life.  A life free from the food obsession!  I am here to help others get free.  

How would it be if you knew how to eat, when to eat and what to eat? 

I am assuming since you are here, possibly you may be in need of support for your weight loss efforts? As long as I was on my food plan, I stayed slim, the moment I was off, I ballooned! The picture on the left, I will never forget that day! I had nothing to wear in my closet, but my husbands oversized t-shirt and sweat pants. Ugh! The one to the right, I was shocked when I saw this picture of myself. I had no idea how large I had become.

Fat is Not Fun!

Below are a list of questions to ask yourself:

1. Do I eat when I’m not hungry, or not eat when my body needs nourishment?

2. Do I go on eating binges for no apparent reason, sometimes eating until I’m stuffed or even feel sick?

3. Do I have feelings of guilt, shame, or embarrassment about my weight or the way I eat?

4. Do I eat sensibly in front of others and then make up for it when I am alone?

5. Is my eating affecting my health or the way I live my life?

6. When my emotions are intense—whether positive or negative—do I find myself

reaching for food?

7. Do my eating behaviors make me or others unhappy?

8. Have I ever used laxatives, vomiting, diuretics, excessive exercise, diet pills, shots, or other medical interventions (including surgery) to try to control my weight?    

9. Do I fast or severely restrict my food intake to control my weight?

10. Do I fantasize about how much better life would be if I were a different size or weight?

11. Do I need to chew or have something in my mouth all the time:

food, gum, mints, candies, or beverages? 

12. Have I ever eaten food that is burned, frozen, or spoiled; from containers in the grocery store; or out of the garbage?

13. Are there certain foods I can’t stop eating after having the first bite?

14. Have I lost weight with a diet or “period of control” only to be followed by bouts of uncontrolled eating and/or weight gain?

15. Do I spend too much time thinking about food, arguing with myself about whether or what to eat, planning the next diet or exercise cure, or counting calories?

The question now becomes,   “How to Change?”  

You may have answered “YES” to many of the questions above. Typically, even the most normal eaters can relate to some of those questions.

Food is everywhere and we love to eat!  That is awesome and fun!  The problem becomes when it turns into a problem for us, individually. 

There is no one size fits all kind of solution.  In my experience, it has been a journey of hits and misses, trial and errors.  Which has given me more things that I can help you maneuver through your own journey easier.

For some people it is just “THAT ONE LITTLE THING” that gets tweaked and can cure them for good.  For others, like myself, it takes everything and more in the tool box to fix my food and weight issues.

What do you do next?

I would love to talk with you very soon. 

Schedule a time with me and let’s discover together what you need to get right sized.

What could life be like if you could shed 10, 20, 30 lbs or more?

Just Imagine!

  • Wearing all the clothes in your closet, instead of just what fits right now!
  • Picking yourself up and off the floor after playing with the grandkids.
  • Moving your body with a new grace and ease.
  • Feeling light on your feet is so awesome!
  • You maintain your new weight loss, year after year
  • Freedom from that crazy food obsession as you learn how to eat, when to eat and what to eat!
  • Eating becomes more normal, in fact, you feel like you are a normal eater!
  • Confidence and joy are now yours!
  • Social invitations no longer send you in a panic, instead you are excited to  get dressed up and go!
  • Enjoy getting in pictures.
  • You experience more days of joy and happiness instead of wasted days and night in the food, stealing your joy.

With a unique blend of Mind Changing Techniques, food cravings can go bye, bye PERMANENTLY!

With tools like NLP, TAPPING, VISUALIZING  AND PROGRAMS you can find the ideal plan for you.

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