Weight Balance

Is Knowing What to Eat, When to Eat and How to Eat, a Big Fat Blur?

When my parents put me on my first diet at age 12,  food and eating became a war within.  

  • No Self Worth
  • Food became punishment and reward
  • Secretive Eating
  • Always on a Diet
  • Can’t be trusted with food
  • Food held all the power
  • The scale held the power
  • I will never be thin

Fast forward 5 decades later and that girl has found ways to “KNOW WHAT TO EAT, WHEN TO EAT AND HOW TO EAT and as a result has and has FREED herself from the FOOD BONDAGE, FOREVER!

She cannot wait to share what she has learned with you the things she has learned that can make the Food Struggle Disappear forever!

With a unique blend of Mind Changing Techniques, food cravings can go bye, bye PERMANENTLY!

No longer does the girl crave sweets, processed junk foods or unhealthy food in general.  She revolts at the idea of fried, fattening, sugary sweets.  Her idea of success used to be that she must be skinny.  She has since revolved into acceptance and love of her body.  She eats EXACTLY what she wants without fear.

Food no longer wields the power of reward or punishment!

Are you ready to GET FREE FROM FOOD?

Rose is here to help!

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Rose Black, The Food Freedom Expert

Owner of Winning Changes