Weight Loss Tip

By Rose Black

Try this Trick Before You Succumb to that Sugar Craving and Blow Your Next Diet!

I am curious… could you eat one of those plaster Decorative Ornaments? How about those DOG TREATS… you know the ones.. they look like an Eclair or a pastry? Or what about a CANDLE which looks and and even smells like apple pie!? Nope? Me neither!

Have you seen those DOG TREATS that look like people food? I have seen them at dog grooming shops. They look inviting and yummy. You probably have seen those Candles that look like Pies, Cakes, Cookies, or Ice Cream. And amazingly, they smell good enough to eat as well! By changing the association of one of your trigger foods to a dog treat or a candle, you can quickly diminish the craving for that thing, almost instantly!

When I discovered this amazing technique several years ago, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked! I continue to use this today and I hope it can help you as well.

While watching one of my favorite shows: CUPCAKE WARS… I realized that I was beginning to crave CAKE ICING! I could not get cake icing, out of my mind!

I was just about to head into the kitchen and see if I could whip up some yummy icing. I was frantically searching the cabinets for the ingredients when I remembered … “Or yeah! Cake Icing is Just Decoration!”

Suddenly, my desire for caking icing shifted! Once I made the association of cake icing to decorations it didn’t seem ingestible or as appealing.

Just like those cupcakes on CUPCAKE WARS! They were pretty to look at, but would taste like #$%@ … made of decorated styrofoam, candle wax or plaster. Funny thing too, those were virtual cupcakes! Not real! I could not reach into the tv and grab one. It was all in my head the idea of eating that stuff. If I could be a success at creating that desire, then I could also be a success at uncreating that same desire!

My sweet imagination was very creative too! It can take a picture and turn into a desire so intoxicating. Realizing I now had evidence that I can control these thoughts, was a huge relief! I had immense power to change my thoughts in a mili-second! Simply by changing the association to that food item. After all, it is only the meaning that we give to that food, which makes it desirable.

I have used other associations to a food item in order to lower the desire. Some of which can be pretty gross. But, you get the idea. Such as: Picturing how fat it will make me, if I eat that, as I am sure I would be off and running into the food obsession if I did.

Or how about imagining someone sneezing Corona Virus all over it? Ick… You can make it as disgusting as you want. Your imagination could conjure up something disgusting enough to pull you out of that hypnotic desire instantly.

Today I can watch CUPCAKE WARS safely. I can appreciate the designs, the talent and competition rather than obsession of eating cake!

Another quick story….

…..Several years ago, visiting San Francisco, I remember the time I was walking by a French Bakery. Knowing all the while this could be dangerous for me. I thought to myself, what if wer to just take a little peak in the window. The sweet smell of pastries were wafting in the air. I became mesmerized and giddy with excitement and anticipation. I had to go inside!

You see, I had been on my food plan for several years. I was maintaining 70 lb weight loss. I knew I could blow those years of sugar abstinence in one bad decision. There would be no end in sight if went down that road again.

So here I was, gazing in wonder at this showcase of sweet creations! Suddenly, peakingninto the showcase window was not enough!

Before I knew it, I had stepped inside, into the DANGER ZONE! OMG! There were so many! Rows and Rows of beautiful creations! How was I ever to escape alive from this, I wondered to myself…

Afraid, I was beyond escape, I quickly said out loud, “Well look at all those pretty ornaments!” Anyone in listening range might have thought I was a bit nutty. But as quickly as I said this, the desire began to shift! No one was more relieved than I! With that remark, I was jolted out of my hypnotic trance and back into the present moment! Right minded finally. And right sized, I might add…

Suddenly, my imagination took hold…

I began to see these confections as adorned dog treats.

You know those ones that like just like human food. Hamburgers, Pizza, Eclairs, Pie, and all kinds of delicious looking items. I noticed that some could be those scented candles that look and smell just like cupcakes, pies and pastries.

Just like those FAKE Displays of Wedding Cakes made of styrofoam and plaster. Beautiful to look at but not to eat!

Soon I was able to see them for what they were. I was able to appreciate the mastered art and craft that went into these beautiful creations.

Past experience has taught me that nothing tastes as good as my sweet imagination. For every time I have succumbed to a craving; it was inevitably met with huge disappointment! The first bite may taste good, but the flavor seems to diminish with each passing bite. More often than not, even that first bite was not nearly as good as my expectations.

After a few minutes, I had seen enough and was able to walk out of that bakery with a different kind of satisfaction.

Instead of leaving with a box of poisonous treats….I was leaving with a different kind of satisfaction. The satisfaction that comes from appreciation to master bakers who created those beautiful items. The satisfaction of knowing that I wasn’t going to gain weight or fall into my sugar addiction right now, at least. The huge relief that I was going to be able to slip into my size 6’s from my suitcase.

Feeling so HAPPY, that I did not buy a box of those things! I have never regretted NOT EATING! But, I always have regretted having ate that thing!

If I had bought a box, I know that my crazy food obsession would have set in before even I left the bakery. Like the many times in I couldn’t wait to tear open the box and stuff myself until I passed out into the sugar over-load oblivion.

Then there was the aftermath! THE HANGOVER! The thousands upon thousands of calories consumed in a few hours. The bloating up with inflammation from the toxic concoctions consumed. Not only would the day be ruined, but the entire vacation as well!

So instead of turning myself into a sluggish, fat mess; I was able to feel light on my feet and nearly skip right out of the bakery. Feeling so relieved I did not succumb to that poisonous nightmare. Whew… Close call, but so thankful for those ORNAMENTS to save the day!

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