Who’s Better Than You?

Who’s Better than YOU?


I believe we all have those moments meant just for us, moments that can sculpt and change us for the better forever. 

Perhaps the following story can make a difference for you.


Years ago, I was a single mom raising 2 small sons and working in small town plywood mill. We had taken multiple wage cuts and what used to be a good income was now beginning to threaten our livelihood. 

My high school friend, Debbie, phoned me from California, with a money making opportunity and was asking me to just be her customer. I surprised her when I asked her, “Debbie, can I do this too?” 

I am certain she thought that I, Rose, who never ventured away from our small town could have what it takes to be a business woman! 

Debbie offered to pay my investment fee as she knew I had no money, but my pride said no and I put together the $295 it took to get started.

I was driven with desire and hope for a better life……

My sister had won a $10,000 lottery scratch ticket several months prior.  It was so exciting and we both took the day off work as we drove together to claim her ticket.  She gave me $500 which helped with my bills immensely.  At that moment, I began to dream…….. 


I had an unshakable belief that I was going to make a lot of money and I believed everything I was told!  The leaders in the company said we would all be wealthy and I believed them!  Plus, I had a sample of that feeling of wealth that day my sister won the lottery ticket.  I really, really felt there was something better in life and I too, could have more!

It was beginning to pay off!   

Soon I had built a large sales force that was getting notice from those above me in the company.

One afternoon, Debbie & I had lunch with our well respected and admired leader, Kevin Pine (who by the way went on to become a millionaire within this company).  Even though I was beginning to make good money, I still had the mill-worker mentality. 

Kevin must have sensed my self-doubt and lack of confidence as he suddenly surprised me with this question; “Rose, who’s better than you?”

 Immediately, I replied without giving it a thought, “Well Kevin, you are!”.  (I thought to myself, after all you are a very successful, smart and articulate of course you have to be better than me)! 

Again, he asked, “Rose, who’s better than you?”

I still did not understand, I looked at Debbie and she just shrugged her shoulders and I realized she didn’t know the answer either! 

Finally, I said, “I don’t know Kevin, who is better than me?”

He then said to me, “Rose, nobody’s better than you!”

At first I was shocked! Then Amazed! And even Jubilant! 

No one had ever had said that to me before! Best of all I believed him! After all he was Kevin Pine, who became a millionaire and a top money earner in the company. If he said no one was better than me, than it must be true! Kevin said so.

What Kevin Pine said had changed my life forever!

I became quite a star for several years. I made a lot of money. I spoke on stage at our company event in front of 4,000 people! That time of my life evolved to a greater learning and understanding about what was important to my growth. The company and those few exploding years of fame and fortune began to fizzle. HOWEVER, the most important part of this story was the person it helped me to become in the process!  It was never about the money but more about my growth and learning. 

QUOTE:    Said the Master to his student…. Go out and make a million dollars, but not for the money, but the person you become in the process. ~ Anonymous   – 

There are still times when I might have doubt or lack self-confidence but then I remember those words from Kevin Pine and I quickly say to myself, “Rose, who’s better than you?” 

Then I remember who I am.

So I ask you, who’s better than you? 

And you had better say NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ME!