Hello, my name is Rose Black,
There was a time when I could not stop smoking, binge eating, and other undesirable habits. Then I found out there were people out there who could help people like me. I am here to help!
I own and operate Winning Changes, which is the ideal blend of coaching combined with tools like: EFT-Tapping, and NLP to get to the root of the causes behind negative emotions and release them for good.
Choose from a number of ways to get your Ideal Life, today. One-on-one Coaching/ Tapping Sessions, Blogs, Articles and much more!
If you want to change some habits and behaviors that are getting in the way of your ideal life, then you might want to apply for a free call with me today!  Click below.


Yet, miraculously testimonials from satisfied clients and others are happening every day!

  • Alison was able to curb her craving for Peanut Butter Cups! In fact, she says they are still in her desk drawer and she has ZERO DESIRE!
  • Georgia stopped smoking! We changed the association to cigarettes for her from pleasure to disgust.  It was easy!
  • Jenni had a habit of drinking 2-3 glasses of wine every night after work to unwind. Changing her association, by changing her perception to drinking from that of pleasure to one of reality. The truth was that those drinks gave her a headache and she didn't like feeling a slave to it. She could not drive any where and she was gaining weight. She also began noticing a change in her complexion. It was soon easy to see that she was getting no pleasure but the opposite!
  • Chris had a fear of heights that seemed to control every aspect of his life. He could not enjoy movies with his sons. His fear of heights extended to movies, books, and everything he saw. After just ONE 30 MINUTE SESSION, he lost his FEAR OF HEIGHTS FOREVER!
  • Carol lost 40 lbs by reading my book: "The $2500 Secret to Your Ideal Weight" as she was able to stick to her low-carb food plan and amazingly the weight fell off!
  • Michelle was able to release decades long guilt that had plagued her.  As a result, she not only changed her eating habits but no longer required a heart transplant. I believe that guilt had hurt her heart and now that the guilt was released, she was able to heal.
  • Tina lost 25 lbs from just ONE 20 MIN TAPPING SESSION!! - 5 lbs were lost after returning from a 3 week cruise vacation! Just by TAPPING on a chocolate craving, Tina had no more desire for desserts or sweets at all.  25 lbs melted off and to this day, 10 or so years later, she has still maintained that loss.
  • As for Myself: I use TAPPING for just about everything. I cannot imagine life without it! From relief to chronic back pain to stopping a food craving. It is the handiest tool ever!!!!
These are just a few examples as to what is possible from a session with Rose.  

How Does This Work, You Might Ask?

Our mind is incredibly powerful and can change a condition in our body by applying the correct instructions. A great example of this is the placebo effect - when a person is given a medication or treatment but is not told that it is not real or that it will not work, they often times experience the same benefits as if they were given the real thing. This is because our mind has the ability to control our body and can make us feel better even if we are not actually healed. We can use this power to our advantage by positive thinking and visualizing ourselves being healthy and happy. We can also use affirmations to program our mind to think positively about ourselves. The best method to rapidly make a change is to schedule a TAPPING SESSION WITH ROSE.  She is an expert with TAPPING and quickly help you change the undesired conditions fast.
If you want to learn more how you can realize your best life, set up a consultation with me, Rose Black, Personal Success Coach. You can soon be on your way to breaking free.