What Would You Need To Change, Today ... 

In Order to Achieve Your Ideal Life Right Now?


  • Unwanted habits, behaviors or addictions?
  • Fear, anxiety, phobias or something else?
  • How about those urges and cravings that keep you from quitting the things your want? 
Just ONE of those issues can have a sabotaging effect on your relationships, health and finances. 
With Winning Changes Coaching, a blend of Tapping Techniques and NLP can make all the difference.  Clients all over are making miraculous changes in their lives. Those things that once thought impossible are now within reach.  
I'm here to help you finally break free from these mental chains that hold you back and reclaim your freedom and joy again. 
Rose Black, Personal Success Coach
Owner of Winning Changes


Hello, My name is Rose Black,
I own and operate Winning Changes, a blend of coaching combined with tools like: EFT-Tapping, and NLP to get to the root of the causes behind negative emotions and release them for good.

I am passionate about helping people to make the WINNING CHANGES in their life.

Whether it's to lose weight, stop unwanted habits or behaviors, or to release the stress and anxiety of everyday life; I am here to help!

With tools like TAPPING and NLP, realizing your IDEAL LIFE can be a reality. Together we will move you forward to becoming the best version of yourself.

What is EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques or TAPPING?


Emotions cannot be changed with logic!
EFT/Tapping Techniques will link up that communication in order for the body to accept the commands of logic.  Making those WINNNG CHANGES from the head to the heart is much easier, quicker and permanent!
Oftentimes, I hear a client say with a perplexed look, "Rose, What did you do to me? Where did it go?  I am different" they say! I love to see that look on their face as they can longer bring up any emotion or urge that was started out as a level 10 intensity and has dropped to nothing.
I use the TAPPING TECHNIQUE on myself often.  I am still amazed at the results, every single time!
Of course, I did not do any sort of magic on them, but only give them a method to link up their logic mind to the heart where suddenly the reaction becomes calm and normal.
The problem is not so much the issue, but only our reaction to it that becomes the problem!
You know those urges and cravings that make you drive across town to get that ONE THING you think will "Do It For You!"  It is as if you are helpless and powerless to stop this craving!

Logically we know, but how to get the body to agree?

The mind says that candy bar is not good for us; yet we are over-powered by temptation.
Before we know we are succumbing to the urge and hating ourselves for not having the discipline to stop.
There is a technique, called TAPPING, that will quickly change the desire to a calm, more normal reaction
Apply this Tapping Technique is super easy!  It can be done anywhere!
Logically we know that sugar, desserts, over-eating are bad for us, yet we continue to feel the compulsion to drive across town for that certain something that we think will do it for us!
This could be any behavior, bad habit or addiction.  It is all the same at its core.
There is an emotional urge or compulsion to satisfy that craving.
Rose is a CERTIFIED in EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques and can expertly guide a client with the steps to create changes quickly.
During a TAPPING SESSION, the body receives  suggestions  in its own language and responds logically! Suddenly a strong desire for a candy bar can change in an instant to a normal reaction.  In fact, the person has now lost any desire for it!
How Could Your Life Be Different ... If you could banish a food craving for good?

If you would like a personal TAPPING SESSION then schedule a TAPPING SNACK - 30 MINUTE SESSION.  Special pricing may be available.  Check here for pricing.  

Watch the FREE Demo!  Release Your Cravings!

Click below to watch the Demo as Rose TAPS on herself to remove a craving for chocolate cake.  You can follow along and TAP on yourself for a craving as well.  Simply insert your own words and own craving and watch what happens.  

Tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an evidence-based psychological treatment that involves tapping with the finger tips on certain pressure points on the body in order to reduce stress and emotional discomfort.  Quite similar to acupuncture, but without the pain of the needles.  This is more of an acupressure technique.


It works by stimulating the body’s energy meridians, which are connected to our emotions and physical health, thereby helping us to become more emotionally balanced. During EFT sessions, people focus on a particular problem while tapping various points on their head, face, chest, and hands. This helps to release any blocked energy and negative emotions associated with the problem being addressed. In addition to being used for individual therapy, this technique can also be used in groups or couples therapy as well as for reducing symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction, phobias and more.


What People Are Saying

Read these miraculous results
  • Peanut Butter Cup Craving Gone! Alison kept a stash of peanut butter cups in her desk drawer and the desire for them was compelling throughout the day.  After TAPPING on the desire, she was amazed that her craving had disappeared entirely and that weeks and months later, the same stash was left untouched! 
  • No More Fear of  Heights Chris was hating that he had such a fear of heights.  As a single father of 2 boys, he wanted to enjoy activities with them, but even watching a movie could trigger him into panic and anxiety.  After just one 30 minute session, his fear of heights was gone forever!  He can now enjoy life with his two his sons. 
  • She lost 40 lbs - Carol applied just one technique I taught from my book, "What to do instead?" and  was able to stick to her low-carb food plan and amazingly the weight fell off!
  • It Was a Great Decision - From Michelle - I worked with Rose for 10 weeks about a year ago. It was a great decision. She helped me worked through a lot of emotional issues from the past that were affecting my physical and emotional health. My mood has lifted and my health has improved because I had the mental strength to focus on it!
  • Tina lost 25 lbs!  - Tina had no more desire for desserts or sweets after ONE 30 Minute Tapping Session.  As a result, she lost 25 lbs and has kept it off.
These are just a few of satisfied clients.  I could go on and on, but you, too, can find out for          yourself by scheduling a TALK TO ROSE Session and see how I can help you make your ideal changes. 

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